The Hair Academy Concept The First Eleven Years

Again this year as in the previous 10 years the majority of the 48 students will graduate as hairdressers with a VTCT qualification: a qualification that is recognised throughout the world.

Sounds simple - It happens every year in hundreds of teaching institutions throughout the world, including Africa.

The big difference is the focus that SHAIR has on providing outstanding education at NO COST to the student. All they bring with them is a natural talent and a desire to be a professional hairdresser.

Shair supports the Academies in Nairobi and Kigali with the expertise and resources to create and then run an Academy. That’s everything from flying in modern back washes and professional salon equipment to the individual scissors and brushes that each successful graduate is presented with when they leave.

It is extremely pleasing to note that of the 459 students who completed the professional Hairdressing dressing course over the past 10 years, 385 graduated and as of a April 2014 92% of these were still working in the Hairdressing dressing sector.

A ShairAcademy salon

Those 385 lives have been changed for ever, and the communities they live in and serve have been enriched, and will continue to be changed for the better in the years ahead.