The Next 5 Years

The next 5 years will be the most exciting and without doubt the most challenging.

The Trustees of SHAIR have a mandate to expand the Academy concept across Africa, with the goal to open 9 new Academies over the next 5 years.

Much of the work is being focused on opening Academies in Rwanda and Tanzania and plans are progressing well.

Finding the right site is one of the biggest problems as we need to find the right location with access to reliable services such as water and power.

We were fortunate to be able to exhibit at Salon International 2010 due to the generosity of the organisers and it was very inspiring to talk with so many professional hairdressers who understood what Shair is doing in Nairobi and also were willing to be a part of our future plans.

If you would like to participate in any way or would like additional information please contact

Shair Trust