On-Going Success

The on-going success of the Academy programme is based not just on local and international funding.

SHAIR has learnt how to develop the Academy concept on a day to day basis in very real and practical situations, such as finding the right locations, training the right people, dealing with the issues of water and power, and critically developing relationships with the local community.

That is why in every country each Academy will have a local African charitable trust working with SHAIR in the UK. These local African country charitable trusts will develop relations with their communities so that over time it is anticipated that only 20% of day to day running costs of the Academies will be funded through SHAIR based in the UK.    

So you have a part to play now and in the future.
There are 3 levels of Sponsorship Opportunity.

Level 1

Level 1 Sponsors tend to be large corporate enterprises, charitable foundations, and NGO's. They are encouraged to provide capital for Academy development, transportation of people and materials, power and water locally, legal and regulatory support, publicity, and above all encouragement.

Level 2

Level 2 Sponsors are smaller enterprises, larger salons, hair and beauty product manufacturers, and salon equipment distributors. They are encouraged to provide the day to day items that any training establishment need to function - it's not all about money - 100 sets of scissors from an established leading manufacturer is great for the students and a fantastic PR opportunity.

Level 3

Level 3 Sponsors are smaller salons, faith groups, and individuals. Currently it costs £2000 to train a student, without the costs of training materials and the equipment that every student is given upon graduation. Many smaller donations are made up of regular monthly payments - starting from as little as £10 per month.

Sponsors get regular Academy updates, and will be encouraged to follow the students as they develop their careers and life stories. SHAIR is not prescriptive on what sponsors want from their relationship with an Academy. Talk to us. Tell us how you can help SHAIR to make the impossible possible.

With your help within a few years instead of 50 graduates a year, you could be part of a programme that creates a life changing opportunity for 500 disadvantaged individuals.

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