The Challenge and Solution

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”.

A simple but very true Chinese Proverb depicting the power of education.


The Challenge

What kind of skill can you give to people in over populated and impoverished communities?  In addition how do those people pay for such training and personal development?

 Imagine if you could offer 50 disadvantaged people a skill that would last a lifetime, and cost the student nothing. Add into the equation that when you have given the individual the training and they have passed the qualifications, you then give them the tools they need to go out the next day and walk into a job.

You then give them the opportunity to continue their training so that they become highly skilled in their profession, and then from that initial intake after 5 years you develop and further train the very best so that they become trainers and the model becomes self perpetuating and sustainable.

To imagine something is one thing, to see it in action is another, but to be able to have a model now into its 6th year, highly developed and successful is the reason SHAIR a UK Registered Charity is confident a radical urban solution to alleviating poverty through training is viable, accountable, and timely.

The Solution

This solution is a reality and is the foundation of what SHAIR is currently achieving.


An example of just what SHAIR is achieving